The Meaning of Pearls

Published: 02nd February 2006
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Just like all the other gemstones, pearls carry a meaning. Historically, the glowing white orbs have been associated with the moon. With the high luster and deep color of pearls, it is no wonder why these natural gemstones have been held in such high regard for thousands of years.

Eastern cultures believe that pearls symbolize purity and spiritual transformation. Simply wearing a pearl reminds the wearer to be honest, pure, wise, and to walk with the utmost dignity. Different colors of pearls bear different meanings. As expected, white pearls symbolize purity, innocence, faith, and honesty. Gold or black pearls symbolize prosperity and riches. Rose or pink pearls work well with the heart Chakra, while all pearls work with the solar plexus Chakra, beneficial for digestion and immunity.

Just like other gemstones, pearls are given to a single month as a birthstone. June is the month of the pearl and many women and men born in the month of June proudly display their pearls to honor this fact. The birthstone chart was first established in the 16th Century, when it was believed fair favor and good luck would fall upon the wearer of their birthstone.

In Christianity, St. Augustine deemed the pearl to be a symbol of Jesus Christ, after evaluating a passage of Biblical text that gives each of the twelve apostles a specific gemstone in their honor. There are actually several passages in the Bible that refer to pearls, the most well known one an allegory about the "pearly gates" of heaven and "casting pearls before swine."

The Japanese have always held pearls in high esteem, and often associate good luck to those to wear the round beauties. It should be noted that the Japanese only hold meaning for the salt water variety of the pearl, since the round salt water pearls are native to the archipelago chain and have made the island native quite popular due to the innovations of pearl harvesting companies like Mikimoto.

Pearls have been the most popular accessories with bridal wear historically and still continue to be a strong favorite today. The innocence and beauty symbolized by the pearl is also symbolized by the bride, so the match is perfect. From the traditional princess length pearl necklace to a stunning pendant, earrings, or bracelet mixing pearls with other precious gemstones, pearls are a fast favorite for weddings. Even many bridal gowns, veils, and headpieces are adorned with pearls to create a stunningly elegant effect.

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hospitalera on August 25, 2011 said:
These gemstone meanings have to be taken with a pinch of salt! but nevertheless a pearl is beautiful stone and something really special to own.
fsommers on August 25, 2011 said:
Natural pearls have become much rarer now, thanks to over exploitation and pollution.
Adrian Lawrence on August 25, 2011 said:
Pearls are really nice stones, so its not surprising to read about how pearls symbolize purity and spiritual transformation in some cultures. They strikingly to see and touch. A nice article good work Bill Carmel.
Emma Morris on September 9, 2011 said:
This could be an excellent source of advice for buying jewellry. This will allow you to be aware of the true meaning of pearls and the kind of idea they carry with them. It is a very interesting artilce to read and the information is not the kind you learn everyday.

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